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The current version of Thiserror is 1.0.31.

1.0.30 Rating: Strong Positive Thoroughness: Medium Understanding: High

Approved without comment by samueltardieu on 2022-01-06

1.0.28 Rating: Positive Thoroughness: None Understanding: None

by LucianoBestia on 2021-09-15


thiserror is a basic crate for error handling I trust the authors. I didn't review the source code.

Published to by: dtolney Super high reputation and visibility in the rust community.

1.0.4 Rating: Positive Thoroughness: Low Understanding: Low

by dbrgn on 2019-11-27

This is mostly just a wrapper around thiserror_impl, so not much to do wrong there. I don't understand the undocumented private::AsDynError trait though, it doesn't seem to be used in any examples or tests.