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Search and read The Rust Book from the terminal

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TheBook is a command line utility that allows you to SEARCH and READ The Rust Programming Language (popularly known as 'The Book' ) from the terminal. Ever wanted to quickly look up how to spawn threads, or how to declare Structs in Rust? TheBook allows you to do so by simply typing thebook spawn threads or thebook structs. TheBook renders markdown in the terminal and provides a browser-like experience. It is geared towards Rust beginners who are not quite familiar with the Rust syntax, and Rust experts who want the luxury of typing a few commands in the terminal to look up a certain Rust concept.

If you still prefer the graphical experience of a real web browser, you can use TheBook as a simple 'The Book' launcher. Just run thebook in the terminal without any arguments, and 'The Book' will automatically open in your web browser.

TheBook borrows the IMPOSTER_DETECTION_ALGORITHM from AmongRust for advanced search processing and intelligent query parsing hehe! ඞ :).

Note: This crate is still new, the results may not be perfect, and the code is a little messy, but hey! it gets the job done :) Please give this project a star on Github and check out my blog for fun programming content.


cargo install thebook

That's it. you're done. Now run thebook what you want to search to search for something or just thebook to open 'The Book' in your web browser.



Command Description Example
thebook <search query> Searches for <search query> and renders markdown in the terminal thebook using structs
thebook Opens the book in the default browser thebook
thebook --reset Re-downloads a fresh copy of the book thebook --reset

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