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TexCreate From MKProjects

TexCreate Website


TexCreate provides users to easily create projects by using a config.toml file to set metadata and templates.

All news related to TexCreate are found in the dev.to series


build      Build a project using a config.toml file
compile    Compile TexCreate Project with set TeX Compiler
doc        Opens the TexCreate documentation
edit       Quickly change config.toml parameters
help       Prints this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)
init       Initialize a config.toml file
list       Lists all the available templates
migrate    Migrate single mode config.toml from v1 to v2
update     Updates to latest version
web        Opens the TexCreate web version
zip        Zip TexCreate Project instead of building


You can install the stable v2 by:

$ cargo install texcreate 

Changes for v2.3

  • Linux's systems will utilize tectonic for the compile command
    • Other systems will use the current method due to complication with dependencies

More changes can be seen in the CHANGELOG


TexCreate Latex Library
This library is intended to contain all templates as a Latex struct
Developer: Mustafif Khan
Project: TexCreate
License: MIT & GPLv2


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