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0.4.3 (current) unknown

From kornelski/crev-proofs copy of

Only in debcargo (unstable). Changelog:

  • Team upload.
  • Package tendril 0.4.3 from using debcargo 2.6.0 (Closes: #1043295)
  • Fix autopkgtest.
    • Bump rand dev-dependency to 0.8 and port example to it.
    • Disable a couple of tests that fail with newer rustc, upstream also disabled these tests in git.
  • Set collapse_features = true.

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May have been packaged automatically without a review

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The current version of Tendril is 0.4.3.

0.4.1 (older version) Rating: Negative Thoroughness: Medium Understanding: None

by on 2019-12-11

There is ridiculous amount of unsafe. I have no idea how anything in this crate works, and miri complains about out of bounds reads (after I change crate to use NonZeroUsize from standard library instead of janky reference-based NonZeroUsize).

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