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[RETIRED: Will not work with MIR] A plugin to prevent certain types from being moved

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This crate is retired, since it will no longer work with MIR


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This plugin warns when types marked #[no_move] are being moved.

This is quite useful for ensuring that things don't get moved around when data is shared via an FFI. Servo uses this for safely sharing rooted values with the spidermonkey GC.

Note that #[no_move] is transitive, any struct or enum containing a #[no_move] type must be annotated as well. Similarly, any type with #[no_move] substitutions in its type parameters (E.g. Vec<Foo> where Foo is no_move) will be treated as immovable.


#![feature(custom_attribute, plugin)]

struct Foo;

fn main() {
    let x = Foo;
    let y = x; // warning
    bar(Some(y)); // warning   

fn bar(t: Option<Foo>) {
    match t {
        Some(foo) => { // warning
            println!("{:?}", foo)
        _ => ()


struct MoreFoo {
    foos: Vec<Foo> // warning

struct MoreFoo2 {
    foos: Vec<Foo> // no warning

Note that this will not lint on the moving of temporaries (though it's easy to tweak it to do so). For example, if foo() returns a move-protected value, bar(foo()) will not error even though let x = foo(); bar(x) will, since the value returned by foo() is a temporary (rvalue) and doesn't actualy get moved in memory.

It also will not catch moves within generic functions like mem::swap() and `mem::replace()``

Adding the #[allow(moved_no_move)] annotation to a struct will suppress warnings that the struct contains a #[no_move] type but is not marked as #[no_move]. The #[allow_movable_interior] attribute does the above and additionally permits moveable types in type parameters. See tests/run-pass/allow-move.rs for examples.

Be aware that if you depend on a crate using #[no_move], you must have #![plugin(tenacious)] in your own crate to see the warnings.

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