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0.3.1 May 18, 2023
0.3.0 Oct 3, 2022
0.2.0 Apr 26, 2022
0.1.0 Feb 28, 2022

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MIT license


The tectonic_xetex_format crate

This crate is part of the Tectonic project. It provides introspection of the internal data structures of the Tectonic/XeTeX engine and their serialization into "format files".

This crate has two main uses: you can use it to decode an existing format file and introspect the detailed setup that it encodes; or you can use it to emit a C header file defining magic constants in the engine implementation. The former usage isn't fully developed yet, but many of the key pieces have been implemented.

Cargo features

This crate currently provides no Cargo features.


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