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Rapidly prototype interfaces for your machine learning models

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About tease

This crate provides the ability to rapidly generate a GUI (a teaser) for a wide array of possible rust functions. It is intended to be used for prototyping interfaces for machine learning models. Inspired by gradio.


Running this code will produce a GUI for adding two numbers together

use tease::{Teaser, Input};
    .with_description("This is for adding things together.".to_string())
    .with_inputs(vec![Input::default(); 2])
    .with_function(move |x| x.iter().sum())

And it will look something like this: But, you can also run more complex demos! Take a look at this example, for instance. It trains a smartcore machine learning model and then outputs a GUI for it! The best part is that the compiled binary can be distributed as a standalone teaser of your model!


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