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tcp-test - Test your TCP code

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tcp-test is a Rust testing library to programmatically use real TCP in your tests.



tcp-test = "0.1"

Then simply use channel() in every test:

use tcp_test::channel;
use std::io::{self, Read, Write};

fn some_test() {
    let (mut local, mut remote) = channel();

    // both streams point to each other
    let local_addr = remote.local_addr().unwrap();
    let peer_addr = local.peer_addr().unwrap();
    assert_eq!(local_addr, peer_addr);

    let data = b"Hello, dear listener!";

    let mut buf = Vec::new();
    remote.read_to_end(&mut buf).unwrap();
    assert_eq!(&buf, data);

fn other_test() {
    let (mut local, mut remote) = channel();

    // ...