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Rust Tapyrus Library

Library with support for de/serialization, parsing and executing on data structures and network messages related to Tapyrus.

This repository is forked from rust-bitcoin

  • De/serialization of Tapyrus protocol network messages
  • De/serialization of blocks and transactions
  • Script de/serialization
  • Private keys and address creation, de/serialization and validation (including full BIP32 support)
  • PSBT creation, manipulation, merging and finalization
  • Pay-to-contract support as in Appendix A of the Blockstream sidechains whitepaper

For JSONRPC interaction with Tapyrus Core, it is recommended to use

Minimum Supported Rust Version (MSRV)

This library should always compile with any combination of features on Rust 1.37.0.

Installing Rust

Rust can be installed using your package manager of choice or rustup.rs. The former way is considered more secure since it typically doesn't involve trust in the CA system. But you should be aware that the version of Rust shipped by your distribution might be out of date. Generally this isn't a problem for rust-tapyrus since we support much older versions (>=1.37.0) than the current stable one.


The library can be built and tested using cargo:

git clone git@github.com:chaintope/rust-tapyrus.git
cd rust-tapyrus
cargo build

You can run tests with:

cargo test

Please refer to the cargo documentation for more detailed instructions.

Release Notes



The code which was forked from rust-bitcoin is still CC0 1.0 Universal license and the code which was added and modified after forked is licensed as MIT License.



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