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7.1.0 Nov 20, 2023
7.0.1 Oct 18, 2023

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Sending to Syslog in Rust

A small library to write to local syslog.

This crate is forked from syslog, and adds support for TLS among with some other quality-of-life changes.


syslog-tls is available on crates.io and can be included in your Cargo enabled project like this:

syslog = "^7.0"


Reference documentation is available here.

There are 4 functions to create loggers:

  • the unix function sends to the local syslog through a Unix socket: syslog::unix(formatter)
  • the udp function takes an address for a local port, and the address remote UDP syslog server: udp(formatter, "", "")
  • the tcp function takes an address for a remote TCP syslog server: tcp(formatter, "")
  • the tls function takes an address for a remote TCP syslog server, a certificate, and a host domain: tls(formatter, "", certificate, host)


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