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Bindings for the Sylvan parallel decision diagrams library

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1.1.0 Jan 7, 2023
1.0.0 Sep 7, 2021

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Rust Bindings for the Sylvan library

This crate provides unsafe Rust bindings for the parallel multi-terminal binary decision diagram library Sylvan. At the moment, the bindings are based on version 1.7.1 available on Github. The crate compiles on Linux and MacOS, and if you can build sylvan with Visual Studio, it should work on Windows as well (the problem is mostly correctly linking the gmp library).

Keep in mind that you will need cmake and gmp (arbitrary precision numbers) to build Sylvan. Hopefully gmp will be soon optional, but for now it is necessary.

Since a lot of Sylvan's functionality is defined using preprocessor macros, there is a small wrapper library (./wrapper/src) which exports each macro as a function (this can incur a small performance penalty which should be mostly mitigated by enabling link time optimizations). The wrapper also prefixes each function/macro with Sylvan_ so that they are clearly marked as part of Sylvan API. For documentation, see the original source code and tutorial.

unsafe fn main() {
    Lace_start(0, 0); // auto-detect thread count
    // 2MB memory limit should be enough for a small test:
    Sylvan_set_limits(1 << 21, 1, 5);

    // Check that the basic identity (a & b) <=> !(!a | !b) holds.
    let a = Sylvan_ithvar(1);
    let b = Sylvan_ithvar(2);

    let not_a = Sylvan_mtbdd_not(a);
    let not_b = Sylvan_mtbdd_not(b);

    let a_and_b = Sylvan_mtbdd_times(a, b);
    let not_a_or_b = Sylvan_mtbdd_not(Sylvan_mtbdd_plus(not_a, not_b));

    // The BDD has three nodes:
    assert_eq!(3, Sylvan_nodecount(a_and_b));
    // And the identity holds:
    assert_eq!(a_and_b, not_a_or_b);


A slightly more involved example is also available in the test.rs module.

Completeness: Most of the API should be fully reproduced here (including stuff like functions with callbacks). Some minor aspects (like the sylvan_stats struct or more advanced lace functionality) are missing, but if you need them, you can create an issues, and they can be added later. **Since 1.7.0, Sylvan also includes an implementation of ZDDs. For now, this is not included in this wrapper, but feel free to make a PR :)

Correctness: Unfortunately, Sylvan cannot be directly processed using bindgen, so the API was reproduced using a semi-automated method with a manual validation step (bunch of regexes that a human makes sure didn't break anything ;)). As such, it is possible that there are some minor problems that need to be sorted out. Please file an issue if you see any unexpected behaviour or segfaults.