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A sweet & simple pastebin, with syntax highlighting and no client-side code

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0.1.0 Aug 22, 2021

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sweetpaste is a sweet n' simple pastebin server. It's completely server-side, with zero client-side code.


The configuration will be loaded from a file named config.toml in the working directory.

Config Option Description Default
address The address to bind to.
site-url The base URL of the site to bind to. Should not contain a trailing slash!
public Whether this instance is public or not. If this is false, the password is needed to submit pastes. false
static-dir The directory to serve static files from. These take priority over pastes! None
paste-limit The maximum size, in bytes, of a single paste. 8 MB
cache-limit The maximum size, in bytes, of the in-memory cache, used to avoid re-rendering pastes. 64 MB
db-path The path to the SQLite database file. sweetpaste.db
password A password, used for uploading on non-public instances, and deleting any paste. secret
id-key The 32-byte encryption key used to encrypt the paste ID. sweetpaste will refuse to start if this is all zeroes! 0000...
trusted-ips A list of IP addresses which will be trusted to provide X-Real-IP/X-Forwarded-For headers ["", "::1"]
syntax-highlighting.theme The theme to use for syntax highlighting base16-eighties.dark
syntax-highlighting.themes-folder The folder to load .tmTheme files from None
syntax-highlighting.syntax-folder The folder to load .tmLanguage files from None

All code is licensed under the MPLv2 License.


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