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Simple, performant, configurable, entirely self-contained Pastebin and URL shortener

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MicroBin is a super tiny, feature rich, configurable, self-contained and self-hosted paste bin web application. It is very easy to set up and use, and will only require a few megabytes of memory and disk storage. It takes only a couple minutes to set it up, why not give it a try now?

Install from Cargo:

cargo install microbin

And run with your custom configuration:

microbin --port 8080 --public-path https://myserver.net --highlightsyntax --editable

Or get the Docker Image from Dockerhub: danielszabo99/microbin.

On our website microbin.eu you will find the following:


  • Is very small
  • Entirely self-contained executable, MicroBin is a single file!
  • Animal names instead of random numbers for pasta identifiers (64 animals)
  • File uploads (eg. server.com/file/pig-dog-cat)
  • Raw text serving (eg. server.com/raw/pig-dog-cat)
  • URL shortening and redirection
  • QR code support
  • Very simple database (JSON + files) for portability, easy backups and integration
  • Listing and manually removing pastas (/pastalist)
  • Private and public, editable and final, automatically and never expiring pastas
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Automatic dark mode and custom styling support with very little CSS and only vanilla JS (see water.css)
  • Most of the above can be toggled on and off!

What is a "pasta" anyway?

In MicroBin, a pasta can be:

  • A text that you want to paste from one machine to another, eg. some code,
  • A file that you want to share, eg. a video that is too large for Discord, a zip with a code project in it or an image,
  • A URL redirect.

When is MicroBin useful?

You can use MicroBin:

  • As a URL shortener/redirect service,
  • To send long texts to other people,
  • To send large files to other people,
  • To serve content on the web, eg. configuration files for testing, images, or any other file content using the Raw functionality,
  • To move files between your desktop and a server you access from the console,
  • As a "postbox" service where people can upload their files or texts, but they cannot see or remove what others sent you - just disable the pastalist page
  • To take notes! Simply create an editable pasta.

...and many other things, why not get creative?

MicroBin and MicroBin.eu are available under the BSD 3-Clause License.

© Dániel Szabó 2022


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