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app swan-updown

swan-updown helps create ipsec interfaces

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0.2.5 Mar 18, 2023
0.2.3 Mar 14, 2023
0.2.2 Mar 11, 2023
0.2.0 Mar 6, 2023
0.1.1 Mar 6, 2023

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see updown plugin.

First, it parses PLUTO_* and cli args.

Then it helps create ipsec interfaces on demand and log to syslog.


To utilize swan-updown, specify

connections.<conn>.children.<child>.updown = swan-updown [OPTIONS]

in swanctl.conf

For its arguments, see swan-updown -h.

what it will do


It will [create / destroy] XFRM interface when an SA is [established / deleted].

The name of the interface will be {prefix}{hex encoded if_id}. The prefix can be specified by --prefix argument and the if_id is the PLUTO_IF_ID_IN environment variable.

swan-updown also adds altnames to the interface. The altnames will show

  • the local and remote IKEIDs pair
  • the local and remote IP addresses pair

Additionally, if --netns is specified, the created interface will be moved into the given netns.


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