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Tool to download free music from Bandcamp. Automatically organize files to folder, ID3 tags (including album art)

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Welcome to sunny 🌞

Version docs License: MIT

Tool to download freely available music from bandcamp.

Automatically organize files to folder, ID3 tags (including album art).




Sunny is hugely inspired by SoundScrape, the main motivation for writing this was speed and customizability.

  • SoundScrape downloads sequentially whereas Sunny does parallelly, giving a huge boost of speed.
  • Track format can be customized.


By default, files are saved in this structure in current directory if --path option is not passed.

  ├── Album
  │   ├── 01 - Track.mp3
  │   ├── 02 - Track.mp3
  │   ├── 03 - Track.mp3
  │   ├── 04 - Track.mp3


cargo install sunny


# whole discography of an artist by url
sunny https://65daysofstatic.bandcamp.com/music

# whole discography just by the name of the artist
sunny 65daysofstatic

# single album
sunny https://clevergirl.bandcamp.com/album/no-drum-and-bass-in-the-jazz-room

# single track
sunny https://65daysofstatic.bandcamp.com/track/twenty-four-twelve-twenty

# specify path to download to
sunny yvetteyoung --path=~/Music

CLI options

Usage: sunny [OPTIONS] <ARTIST | URL>

          Artist's bandcamp username or full url

  -t, --track-format <FORMAT>
          Specify track format: default is '{num} - {track}'

          available keys:
              {num} - track number
              {track} - track
              {artist} - artist
              {album} - album

              -t='{num} - {track} - {album} {artist}'

          expands to:
              2 - Track - Album Artist

          note that `.mp3` is appended automatically.

  -p, --path <PATH>
          Directory path where downloads should be saved to.
          By default files are saved in the current directory.

  -S, --skip-albums <ALBUMS>
          Skip downloading these albums, note that albums need to be delimited by ',' eg: -s 'one,two' or --skip-albums=one,two

  -l, --list-available
          List albums/tracks available for download

  -s, --search
          Search artist, album, label, track or all, instead of downloading

  -T, --type <TYPE>
          Specify type to search for, available only for `--search` flag

          [default: artists]
          [possible values: all, artists, labels, albums, tracks]

  -h, --help
          Print help (see a summary with '-h')

  -V, --version
          Print version

          Do not do anything; just show what would happen

Note: run --help to see full descriptions of each flags/options


Contributions, issues and feature requests are welcome!

Please have a look at TODO.md.


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