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A CLI batch downloader for your Bandcamp collection

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A CLI batch downloader for your Bandcamp collection.

Bandsnatch is a Rust tool for downloading all of your Bandcamp purchases all at once in your desired format, and being able to be run multiple times when you buy new releases.

This project is heavily inspired by Ezwen's bandcamp-collection-downloader, which I used myself before this, specifically existing to help me learn Rust, but also to add some improvements over it that I've wanted.

State of the Project

This tool is still currently a work in progress, so bugs and other weirdness may occur. If anything weird happens or something breaks, please open an issue about it with information and reproduction steps if possible. Specifically testing use of this with large collections would be very helpful to see if there's any areas that I need to improve in.

If you're a developer poking around in the code, please note that this is my first proper project written using Rust, so code quality may be subpar, especially in terms of memory usage. If you have any ideas to improve the project in general I'd love to hear them.


The most basic usage is along the lines of bandsnatch run -f <format> <username>, as it will try to automatically fetch cookies from a local cookies.json or from Firefox (TODO). But if this fails you can provide the -c option with a path to a cookies file to use.

For more advanced usage, you can run bandsnatch run -h to get output similar to the following.

Run Bandsnatch to download your collection

Usage: bandsnatch run [OPTIONS] --format <AUDIO_FORMAT> <USER>

  <USER>  Name of the user to download releases from (must be logged in through cookies) [env: BS_USER=]

  -f, --format <AUDIO_FORMAT>   The audio format to download the files in [env: BS_FORMAT=] [possible values: flac, wav, aac-hi, mp3-320, aiff-lossless, vorbis, mp3-v0, alac]
  -c, --cookies <COOKIES_FILE>  [env: BS_COOKIES=]
      --debug                   Enables some extra debug output in certain scenarios [env: BS_DEBUG=]
  -d, --dry-run                 Return a list of all tracks to be downloaded, without actually downloading them
  -F, --force                   Ignores any found cache file and instead does a from-scratch download run [env: BS_FORCE=]
  -j, --jobs <JOBS>             The amount of parallel jobs (threads) to use [env: BS_JOBS=] [default: 4]
  -n, --limit <LIMIT>           Maximum number of releases to download. Useful for testing [env: BS_LIMIT=]
  -o, --output-folder <FOLDER>  The folder to extract downloaded releases to [env: BS_OUTPUT_FOLDER=] [default: ./]
  -h, --help                    Print help information

Besides these options, you can also use environment variables with the option name in SCREAMING_SNAKE_CASE, prefixed with BS_, so that if set up correctly you can just run bandsnatch run and have it automatically download your collection to the folder you want.


bandsnatch run -c ./cookies.json -f flac -o ./Music ovyerus

This would download my entire music collection into a local "Music" folder, and also create a bandcamp-collection-downloader.cache in the same directory, which then gets read on future runs in order to skip items it has already retrieved.


Because Bandsnatch does not manage logging into Bandcamp itself, you need to provide it the authentication cookies. For Firefox users, you can extract a cookies.json with the Cookie Quick Manager extension, and on Chrome, you can use the Get cookies.txt extension, to extract the cookies in the Netscape format, which Bandsnatch also supports.

If you don't provide the --cookies option, Bandsnatch will attempt to automatically find a file named cookies.json or cookies.txt in the local directory and load it.


Binary builds of Bandsnatch are available on our releases page for Windows, Mac (both ARM & Intel), and Linux (various architectures).


brew install ovyerus/tap/bandsnatch


scoop bucket add ovyerus https://github.com/Ovyerus/bucket
scoop install bandsnatch

AUR (unofficial)

An unofficial AUR package is available from wale at https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/bandsnatch. Either use your favourite AUR helper, or you can install it manually via the following:

git clone https://aur.archlinux.org/bandsnatch.git
cd bandsnatch
makepkg -si


cargo install bandsnatch

From source

Pull this repository and run cargo build --release, and look for the bandsnatch binary in ./target/release/.


This program is licensed under the MIT license (see LICENSE or https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT).


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