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A rust implementation of the IOTA Stronghold low-level libraries

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Engine is the collection of low-level crates with which application architects can build higher-level implementations of Strongholds for a variety of purposes. It is platform agnostic, in that it should run anywhere a Rust Compiler will work.

It is composed of 4 primary crates:

  • snapshot
  • vault
  • store
  • runtime


This library has not yet been audited for security, so use at your own peril. Until a formal third-party security audit has taken place, the IOTA Foundation makes no guarantees to the fitness of this library for any purposes.


We have an example in the examples/commandline folder that you can use as a reference when developing applications with Engine.

Running tests

You can run all tests by doing the following from the engine directory:

cargo test --all

Supporting the project

If this library has been useful to you and you feel like contributing, please see our contribution guidelines for all the ways in which you can contribute.

API reference

To generate the API reference and display it in a web browser, do the following:

cargo doc --workspace --no-deps --open

Joining the discussion

If you want to get involved in discussions about this technology, or you're looking for support, go to the #stronghold-discussion channel on Discord.


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