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A rust implementation of the IOTA Stronghold low-level libraries

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0.4.0 Apr 21, 2021
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Engine is the collection of low-level module with which application architects can build higher-level implementations of Strongholds for a variety of purposes. It is platform agnostic, in that it should run anywhere a Rust Compiler will work.

It is composed of 4 primary module:

  • snapshot
  • vault
  • store
  • runtime


The snapshot protocol follows a fairly simple transparent pattern. Each Snapshot file follows a simple structure:

Magic Bytes
Version Bytes
Ephemeral Key
xchacha20 tag
Cipher Text


A system for securely managing secrets.

This top-level crate contains references to the others that make up the IOTA Stronghold's low-level crates known as "Stronghold-Engine".


This framework is divided into the following crates:

  • vault: logic and abstractions for the storage layer
  • snapshot: method for storing the state of the vault in a file
  • store: a simple unencrypted storage protocol


This library has not yet been audited for security, so use at your own peril. Until a formal third-party security audit has taken place, the IOTA Foundation makes no guarantees to the fitness of this library for any purposes.


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