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IOTA Identity - Core

The core types and utilities for IOTA identity.

The types and traits exposed by this crate are mainly intended to be used by the other crates constituting the IOTA Identity Framework.

Common Data Types

This crate exposes some fundamental data types used across the IOTA Identity Framework:

The above types are located in the common module.

Cryptographic Primitives

Cryptographic primitives and traits necessary for DID related operations such as signing and verifying data can be found in the crypto module.

While the IOTA Identity Framework strives to keep cryptographic operations as internal implementation details, certain lower-level interfaces require constructs from this module, often through the cryptographic KeyPair type.

Convenient JSON Serialization

The ToJson and FromJson traits from this crate provide convenience functions to convert most types from the IOTA Identity Framework to and from a few common JSON representations.

Base Encoding Utilities

BaseEncoding provides methods to encode and decode binary text with respect to several bases.


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