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Strip ANSI escape sequences from text

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Strip ANSI escape sequences from text.


Stdin as input

ls --color=always | strip-ansi

Argument as input

strip-ansi "$(ls --color=always)"

Print help message

strip-ansi --help


Manually build from source

  1. Make sure to have cargo and rustc installed. If not, you may install it using rustup.

  2. Clone this repository.

  3. Run cargo build --release --locked in the repo root.

  4. The binary should be created at $REPO_DIR/target/release/strip-ansi.

Manually download prebuilt binary

Go to the Release Page and find file whose name contains strip-ansi and your platform name.

From Crates.io

cargo install strip-ansi-cli

From the Arch User Repository

Build from source

yay -S strip-ansi

Prebuilt binary

yay -Ss strip-ansi-bin


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