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no-std pipe-trait

Make it possible to chain regular functions

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Pipe Trait

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Make it possible to chain regular functions.


By adding use pipe_trait::*, 3 methods are added to all types:

identifier pipe syntax traditional syntax
Pipe::pipe x.pipe(f) f(x)
Pipe::pipe_ref x.pipe_ref(f) f(&x)
Pipe::pipe_mut x.pipe_mut(f) f(&mut x)

Read the docs for more information.

Usage Examples

Same type

use pipe_trait::*;
let inc = |x| x + 1;
let double = |x| x + x;
let square = |x| x * x;
let a = (123i32).pipe(inc).pipe(double).pipe(square);
let b = square(double(inc(123i32)));
assert_eq!(a, b);

Type transformation

use pipe_trait::*;
let x = 'x';
let a = x
    .pipe(|x| (x, x, x)) // (char, char, char)
    .pipe(|x| [x, x]) // [(char, char, char); 2]
    .pipe(|x| format!("{:?}", x)); // String
let b = "[('x', 'x', 'x'), ('x', 'x', 'x')]";
assert_eq!(a, b);

Pipe amongst method chain

use pipe_trait::*;
fn log<X: Debug>(x: X) -> X {
    println!("value: {:?}", x);


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