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Platform-agnostic Rust driver for the STMPE1600 I/O expander

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STMPE1600 I/O Expander Rust Driver

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This is a platform-agnostic Rust driver for the STMPE1600 I/O expander.

This driver can:

  • Setup the pins as input, output or interrupt pins.
  • Read/write to a specific pin.
  • Set the polarity inversion of a specific pin.
  • Enable interrupt capability.
  • Set the interrupt output polarity.


The STMPE1600 handles interrupts by triggering an interrupt output pin when it detects an interrupt on any of its configured interrupt pins. The polarity of the interrupt output pin can be configured to be HIGH or LOW, and when the interrupt is triggered, the microcontroller can get any pending interrupts by calling get_interrupts, which will also clear the pending interrupts on the STMPE1600 itself.


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