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Command line steganography tool.


I am trying an experiement - i am trying to restructure the way steg works.

Currently i am re-implementing the 3 working strategies another way that should scale more nicely meaning that more strategies will be easier to add later on.

Feel free to add strategies in the current way and i will still merge them. 🚀


  • payload - the secret message or content to be hidden
  • carrier - the entity in which you are trying to hide a payload
  • package - the result of hiding the payload in the carrier
  • encoding density - the normalised proportion of the package that the paylaod has affected
  • channel - describes the type of carrier in which the payload will be hidden
  • scheme - the way in which a payload will be hidden in the specific type of channel
  • stratagy - refers to the combination of a channel and a scheme


cargo install steg (you must have [cargo](https://crates.io/install) installed)

// Hide something
steg hide -p ./payload.png -c ./carrier.png -o ./output.png

// Reveal something that was hidden
steg reveal -c ./output.png

The below is a plan of the supported payload and carrier types and default strategies for use with each.


  • ✔️ is done
  • 🔨 is being made
  • empty means not supported yet - make a PR!

Supported formats

  • text
    • 🔨 utf8
  • images
    • 🔨 png
    • jpeg
    • bmp
  • videos
    • avi
    • mp4

Text default stratagies

Supported Payload Carrier Default stratagy
✔️ utf8 utf8 whitespace_text_steganography
✔️ utf8 image/png lsb_text_png_steganography
utf8 image/jpeg
utf8 image/bmp
utf8 video/avi
utf8 video/mp4

Image default stratagies

Supported Payload Carrier Default stratagy
✔️ png image/png lsb_png_steganography
png image/jpeg
png image/bmp
png video/avi
png video/mp4
jpeg image/png
jpeg image/jpeg
jpeg image/bmp
jpeg video/avi
jpeg video/mp4
bmp image/png
bmp image/jpeg
bmp image/bmp
bmp video/avi
bmp video/mp4

Video default stratagies

Supported Payload Carrier Default stratagy
avi image/avi
avi image/mp4
mp4 image/avi
mp4 image/mp4


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