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Steam TUI

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Just a simple TUI client for steamcmd. Allows for the graphical launching, updating, and downloading of steam games through a simple terminal client. Methodology informed by steam-cli.

Example of rules_euler in action


Login with steamcmd first to cache your credentials (don't trust some random app with your passwords):

# Steam> login <user>
# Steam> quit

Launch the binary steam-tui, and rejoice 🎉. Help is in the client.

Unable to launch games? Pressing space will start a bare-bones steam client (no graphics) in the background and will let you launch games that need steam libraries or have some sort of DRM.

Features not in the help

It's like an Easter egg for reading documentation!


Pressing f will toggle favourites on a game, pressing F will filter favourite games.

Hiding games

Pressing H will hide the selected game. Hidden games are recorded in ~/.config/steam-tui/config.json.

Showing other things (like demos)

You can enable (or hide by exclusion) Game DLC Driver Applications Config Demo Tool Unknown, by changing the allowed_games field in the config.


steamcmd is required to launch steam-tui, as steam-tui is essentially just a graphical wrapper for this program. wine usage will be attempted if a native Linux game is not found.

Why ?

Because why not? Also, the Steam client seems to break on my Arch build. I have a GT 610, and barely anything graphical works- this is a nice work around.

Update, I got rid of the 610 (let's go 1660), but moved to NixOS and Wayland and the steam client still doesn't work lol.


At this point, I am very much done with the project. I only really play Kerbal and 5 Dimensional Chess with Multiverse Time Travel, so additional work on this project is moot. If you buy me a coffee, I'd be happy to sink some more time into this.


Thank you to those who have heeded my call for more coffee!

  • @MathiasSven (sponsored minor update 0.2.1)
  • @vaelund (sponsored major update 0.2.0)

Missing Features

  • Better handling for Proton games


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