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TUI Program for Custom Proton Download and installation written in rust

6 releases (3 breaking)

0.6.0 Jun 16, 2023
0.5.0 Apr 12, 2023
0.4.2 Mar 12, 2023
0.4.1 Feb 18, 2023
0.3.0 Nov 27, 2022

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Lib, CLI and GUI(wip) program to automate the installation and update of Proton-GE

NOTE: This has no relations with the original ProtonUp project, and I am glad it was created. This is not nearly as feature complete as the original Protonup.

I've create it because the original project had a few issues with its Python dependencies (that most likely got fixed already). I wanted to to re-create it in rust, in a way it could be used as a lib and a CLI. If this repo gets to a stable and feature rich state, I will publish it to Cargo and other repositories. I guess it got there! Thanks!



The default way is to simply invoke the cli, and navigate the text interface.


To run a quick update and get the latest GE Proton version without navigating the TUI, you can use the quick flag:

Usage: protonup-rs [OPTIONS]

  -q, --quick-download  Skip Menu, auto detect apps and download using default parameters
  -h, --help            Print help


In one line:

wget https://github.com/auyer/Protonup-rs/releases/latest/download/protonup-rs-linux-amd64.tar.gz -O - | tar -xz && zenity --password | sudo -S mv protonup-rs /usr/bin/

This assumes /usr/bin is in your path. You may change this to any other location (in your path echo $PATH).

Or manually:

Get the latest binary: Download link

It is a single binary. You can just run it, or add it to your path so you can call it from anywhere.

Quick way to add it to your path: or download the zip from the releases page

cd Downloads
sudo unzip protonup-rs-linux-amd64.zip -d /usr/bin

Building from source

You can install from source using the last released version in Crates.io:

cargo install protonup-rs

Or clone repo:

cd protonup-rs
cargo build -p protonup-rs --release
mv ./target/release/protonup-rs "your path"


Not ready for usage.

The GUI is in its early stages. My current plan is to develop it in the iced framework, but GUI development is not my forte.


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