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app static-file-http-server

A simple and zero-configuration command-line http server for static file hosting

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static-file-http-server: a simple static server

static-file-http-server is a simple, zero-configuration command-line static server written in Rust. It is powerful enough for production usage, but it's simple and requires not configuration. It can also produce a single binary file that hosts your files independently which is what we recommend for production.


Using npm:

npm install --global static-file-http-server

Using cargo:

cargo install static-file-http-server

How to use:

static-file-http-server [OPTIONS] <PATH>


Option(short) Option(long) Description Default
-a --addr Address to bind, for example: You may need administrator permissions for binding on port 80 based on your OS.
-r --cors Controling CORS via the 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header. *
-c --cache Set cache time (in seconds) for cache-control max-age header, for eaxmple: -c10 for 10 seconds. Use -c-1 to disable caching. 3600
-o --open Open the browser after starting the server.
-p --single-binary Produce a single binary that serves files that get embedded in the binary for better performance. You need to install Rust and Cargo before running this feature. (Recommend ed for production).
-h --help Print help.
-V --version Print version.


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