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SQLite driver implementation for SQLx. Not for direct use; see the sqlx crate for details.

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0.7.8 Apr 11, 2024
0.7.7 Apr 9, 2024
0.7.6 Apr 1, 2024
0.7.5 Mar 27, 2024
0.7.4 Mar 25, 2024

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SQLite database driver.

Note: linkage is semver-exempt.

This driver uses the libsqlite3-sys crate which links the native library for SQLite 3. For portability, we enable the bundled feature which builds and links SQLite from source.

We reserve the right to upgrade the version of libsqlite3-sys as necessary to pick up new 3.x.y versions of SQLite.

Due to Cargo's requirement that only one version of a crate that links a given native library exists in the dependency graph at a time, using SQLx alongside another crate linking libsqlite3-sys like rusqlite is a semver hazard.

If you are doing so, we recommend pinning the version of both SQLx and the other crate you're using to prevent a cargo update from breaking things, e.g.:

sqlx = { version = "=0.7.0", features = ["sqlite"] }
rusqlite = "=0.28.0"

and then upgrade these crates in lockstep when necessary.


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