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app spelling_bee_solver

A CLI app to generate solutions to the NYT Spelling Bee puzzles

1 unstable release

0.1.0 May 18, 2021

MIT license

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Simple CLI written in rust to generate solutions to the NYT Spelling Bee puzzles.

Defaults to using the built-in word dictionary, which is much more expansive than the dictionary the NYT uses. That is, this will generate a bunch of solutions that aren't recognized as valid. Similarly, there might be words that NYT is aware of that the words dictionary can't find.


spelling_bee_solver <primary_character> <supporting_characters>

Where the primary character is the center, "yellow" character that much be present in all words. The support characters is a string (no spaces, not a list) of all other characters allowed by the puzzle.


Future Work

Build a robot to enter these solutions in.


~67K SLoC