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spectra, a demoscene engine

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spectra is a demoscene framework – or call it engine – which aims are to ease demoscene productions development. Those aims must be reached in terms of the demo itself but also in terms of tools written to make the demo. spectra features both sides of such a making process. The idea is to provide a robust library that can be used to build end-user binaries as well as demo tools for editing process for instance.

What is it good for?

Even though the main goals are to provide a strong codebase for demo making, the engine should be usable for other applications, like video game making. Interaction is not a primary focus, but it should enhance with time though.

If you target animation-related applications, you should find spectra a friend of yours.


Because spectra exists to help me writing demos, I don’t usually accept PR on that project, since I want to be the only one working on my demo. However, as I love Open Source, if you really provide a useful patch or a very nice idea, I shall merge it. But hush… ;)


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