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app spazio-grigio-bot

A telegram bot to be always up to date with spazio grigio

8 unstable releases (3 breaking)

0.4.1 Sep 11, 2022
0.4.0 Sep 11, 2022
0.3.1 Sep 7, 2022
0.2.1 Aug 25, 2022
0.1.1 Aug 24, 2022

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~ Gli ultimi aggiornamenti di spazio grigio in ogni momento ~

Developed by @veeso

Current version: 0.4.1 (11/09/2022)

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About spazio-grigio-bot 📰

spazio-grigio-bot is a Telegram bot to get the latest news from Irina from Spazio Grigio.

Command API 🐚

  • /ciaoirina

    Subscribe to the irina's newsletter

  • /sialconsumismo

    Unsubscribe from newsletter

  • /buongiornoirina

    Get a morning routine video

  • /postminimalista

    Get latest instagram post from Irina

  • /videominimalista

    Get latest video from Irina

  • /seratasenzatv

    Get latest videos from Irina

  • /help

    Show help

Get started 🏁


Scan this QR code or go to this URL https://t.me/spaziogrigio_bot to start a chat with Spazio grigio bot, then add it to any group or chat directly with him.



If you want to develop on this bot, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Clone this repository git clone git@github.com:veeso/spazio-grigio-bot.git
  2. Create your bot with the Botfather
  3. Get your API key
  4. Set your API key in your environment using the variable TELOXIDE_TOKEN
  5. Set your database path in your environment using the variable DATABASE_URI
  6. Touch the database file touch $DATABASE_URI
  7. Set your email account details in the environment IMAP_SERVER, IMAP_PORT, EMAIL_ADDRESS, EMAIL_PASSWORD
  8. Set redis url in the environment REDIS_URL
  9. Set rsshub in the environment RSSHUB_URL
  10. Run the spazio-grigio bot

Deploy with heroku

You can then deploy your own version of the spazio-grigio bot using heroku, with these simple steps:

  1. Create your heroku app heroku create --buildpack emk/rust
  2. configure the Telegram API key with heroku config:set TELOXIDE_TOKEN=<YOUR_API_KEY>
  3. git push heroku main

Support the developer ☕

If you like spazio-grigio-bot and you're grateful for the work I've done, please consider a little donation 🥳

You can make a donation with one of these platforms:

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Contributing and issues 🤝🏻

Contributions, bug reports, new features and questions are welcome! 😉 If you have any question or concern, or you want to suggest a new feature, or you want just want to improve spazio-grigio-bot, feel free to open an issue or a PR.

Please follow our contributing guidelines

Changelog ⏳

View spazio-grigio-bot's changelog HERE

License 📃

spazio-grigio-bot is licensed under the Unlicense license.

You can read the entire license HERE


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