Cargo Features

teloxide = { version = "0.12.2", default-features = false, features = ["webhooks", "webhooks-axum", "sqlite-storage", "sqlite-storage-rustls", "redis-storage", "cbor-serializer", "bincode-serializer", "macros", "ctrlc_handler", "native-tls", "rustls", "auto-send", "throttle", "cache-me", "trace-adaptor", "erased", "nightly", "full"] }
default = auto-send, ctrlc_handler, native-tls

These default features are set whenever teloxide is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

Enables default (native-tls) of teloxide-core

webhooks full? webhooks-axum? = rand

Affects update_listeners::webhooks

webhooks-axum full? = axum, tower, tower-http, webhooks
sqlite-storage full? = native-tls, sqlx

FIXME: rename sqlite-storage -> sqlite-storage-nativetls

Enables runtime-tokio-native-tls of sqlx ^0.6

sqlite-storage-rustls = rustls, sqlx

Enables runtime-tokio-rustls of sqlx ^0.6

redis-storage full? = redis
cbor-serializer full? = serde_cbor

Affects serializer::Cbor

bincode-serializer full? = bincode

Affects serializer::Bincode

macros full? = teloxide-macros
ctrlc_handler default full?

Enables signal of tokio

Affects dispatching::repls, teloxide::repls, commands_repl::CommandReplExt, commands_repl::commands_repl, commands_repl::commands_repl_with_listener, repl::repl, repl::repl_with_listener

native-tls default full? sqlite-storage?

Enables native-tls of teloxide-core

rustls full? sqlite-storage-rustls?

Enables rustls of teloxide-core

auto-send default full?

Enables auto_send of teloxide-core

throttle full?

Enables throttle of teloxide-core

cache-me full?

FIXME: why teloxide and core use - _ differently?

Enables cache_me of teloxide-core

trace-adaptor full?

Enables trace_adaptor of teloxide-core

erased full?

Enables erased of teloxide-core


currently used for tests, building docs for docsrs to add This is supported on feature="..." only., and for teloxide-core.

Enables nightly of teloxide-core

full = auto-send, bincode-serializer, cache-me, cbor-serializer, ctrlc_handler, erased, macros, native-tls, redis-storage, rustls, sqlite-storage, throttle, trace-adaptor, webhooks, webhooks-axum

Enables full of teloxide-core

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

teloxide-macros macros?
sqlx sqlite-storage? sqlite-storage-rustls?

Enables macros and sqlite of sqlx ^0.6

redis redis-storage?

Enables tokio-comp and default features of redis ^0.21

serde_cbor cbor-serializer?

With default (std)

bincode bincode-serializer?
axum webhooks-axum?

Enables default features of axum ^0.6.0

tower webhooks-axum?

With default (log)

tower-http webhooks-axum?

Enables trace of tower-http ^0.3.4

rand webhooks?

With default features