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Effortlessly Manage Cluster Stakes

The testnet and mainnet-beta clusters currently have a large population of validators that need to be staked by a central authority.

Staking Criteria

  1. All non-delinquent validators receive 50,000 SOL stake
  2. Additionally, non-deliquent validators that have produced a block in 75% of their slots in the previous epoch receive bonus stake of 500,000 SOL

A validator that is delinquent for more than 24 hours will have all stake removed. However stake-o-matic has no memory, so if the same validator resolves their delinquency then they will be re-staked again

Validator Whitelist

To be eligible for staking, a validator's identity pubkey must be added to a YAML whitelist file.

Stake Account Management

Stake-o-matic will split the individual validator stake accounts from a master stake account, and must be given the authorized staker keypair for the master stake account.


~1M SLoC