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app snet

Small tool that will forward bytes from a serialport to/from a socket

3 unstable releases

0.2.0 Nov 7, 2018
0.1.1 Oct 22, 2018
0.1.0 Oct 22, 2018

MIT license

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snet is a small tool that connects to a serialport and then forwards everything it collects from there to tcp sockets, the main difference to ser2net is that this allows multiple accesses in both directions, and that this does a lot less and is less mature :)

Its unsecure so only run on trusted networks on non-critical things, its just a raw connection to the serialport, meaning every byte is forwarded in both directions. Telnet works as a client for simple things such as watching the output

I might write a client that emulates a serialport on the client side...

Latest version License

Install and run

First install it using cargo install, or go clone the repo and use cargo build

Cargo install:

cargo install snet
~/.cargo/bin/snet -s /dev/ttyUSB0 -p 1234


git clone https://github.com/TotalKrill/snet.git
cargo run --release -- -s /dev/ttyUSB0 -p 1234


There should now be a tcp port that you can connect to:

telnet 1234


We had a pool of raspberry pi that was running gdb servers and had a lot of printf-debugging going on, this meant we had ssh access and tmux sessions etc on the raspberries for everyone who wanted to try something. It got tedious.


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