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The sn_transfers crate is responsible for managing transfers within the Safe Network.

Its main component is the CashNote, which forms the basis of transfers on the Safe Network.

A CashNote represents a spendable unit of currency in the network, denoting ownership of a certain number of NanoTokens.

To execute a transfer, a SignedSpend needs to be created and validated on the network.

Transfers are directed to UniquePubKeys, which are derived from MainPubKeys. Using a DerivationIndex, the recipient can generate the necessary SecretKey to spend the NanoTokens.

Since most of the required information is stored in a SignedSpend on the network, we also provide a CashNoteRedemption struct. This struct contains the minimum information needed to retrieve a full Spend from the network and generate the keys required to spend the NanoTokens.

For error handling, we expose Error and Result types.

Additionally, this crate re-exports the bls crate used in the public API and includes a helper module for creating an Rng when invoking sn_transfers methods that require them.


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