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Safe Network Metrics Dashboard

Easily visualize metrics from Safe Network nodes using Prometheus and Grafana. This guide covers the steps to set up the dashboard and terminate it.


  1. Docker & Docker-Compose: Ensure you have both docker and docker-compose installed on your system and make sure they're running.
  2. Safe Node Configuration: When running your Safe nodes, ensure they are started with the --feature=open-metrics flag.

1. Start the Dashboard:

Manual Start:

Run the following command to scan the log files and fetch the metrics server URLs. These URLs will be used to create the Prometheus config file.

cargo run --release --bin metrics -- [log_dir_path]...

Note: If [log_dir_path]... is not provided, it will default to the data-dir log that nodes use by default.

The above command would write the Prometheus config file to ./metrics/prometheus/prometheus.yml

  • Navigate to the metrics directory:
cd metrics
  • Start the containers:
docker-compose up --detach

Automated Start:

Run the binary with the --run flag to fetch the configuration file and automatically start the containers:

cargo run --release --bin metrics -- [log_dir_path]... --run

2. Access the Dashboard:

Once started, access the Grafana dashboard at: http://localhost:3001/d/node_metrics/node-metrics?orgId=1&refresh=5s

Login Credentials:

username: admin
password: pwd

3. Terminate the Dashboard:

To stop the containers and clear all the data:

cd metrics
docker-compose down --volumes


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