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Safe Network Dbcs

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This crate provides a library and API for working with Digital Bearer Certificates (DBC) on the Safe Network.

Safe Network Dbcs are envisioned to be a private and fungible digital currency that utilize a distributed (and sharded) spentbook of spends rather than a blockchain.

Some key properties of these Dbcs:

  • Distributed spentbook means that it is not necessary to trust in a single entity.
  • Sharded spentbook means that the system scales indefinitely.
  • Transactions are settled immmediately.
  • Privacy by default. all transactions use privacy features.
  • Utilizes a one-time key for each payment (aka stealth address).
  • Uses BLS cryptography.

Multi-sig is a concern of the user of this library.

Some writeups about the technology can be found at:



$ git clone https://github.com/maidsafe/sn_dbc.git
$ cd sn_dbc
$ cargo build


spentbook example

A spentbook example is provided which enables interacting with a mock spentbook and wallet.

$ cd sn_dbc
$ cargo run --example spentbook

Additional examples can be found in a separate crate:



$ cd sn_dbc
$ cargo bench


$ cd sn_dbc
$ cargo test

Key dependencies:

This crate depends most heavily on:


This SAFE Network library is dual-licensed under the Modified BSD (LICENSE-BSD https://opensource.org/licenses/BSD-3-Clause) or the MIT license (LICENSE-MIT https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT) at your option.


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For instructions on how to contribute, see our Guide to contributing.


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