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Safe Network Synchronous Distributed Key Generation: enables dealerless section key generation

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3.1.4 Mar 22, 2023
3.1.3 Mar 20, 2023
3.1.2 Feb 1, 2023
3.1.1 Nov 8, 2022
0.1.0 Jul 26, 2022

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Synchronous Distributed Key Generation

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This Safe Network SDKG module enables sections to create a Section Key without a trusted dealer. It is based on the Audited code from poanetwork's hbbft.

How it works

  • Participants know of each other's bls public key
  • Each create a Part and share it with the others
  • They check each Part and share their Ack over each Part
  • Participants share their set of AllAcks signed, and check that all the others have the same set
  • Once everyone has all the participants signatures over this set they generate the key

We differ from poanetwork's original implementation in that we require total participation: in the Part validation process, we require an Ack from everyone instead of just a threshold amount.


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