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Port of a few sleef.org trigonometric functions

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0.1.0 Oct 1, 2022

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Rust port of a few SLEEF trigonometric functions:

  • Sleef_sind1_u35purec (approximately 15-30% slower than original)
  • Sleef_sind2_u35sse2 (approximately 15-20% slower than original)
  • Sleef_sind4_u35avx (approximately 5-10% slower than original)

The performance differences are the largest for inputs with high absolute values, notably equal to or greater than 1e14.

Additionally, a couple of functions only valid for inputs between -125.0 and 125.0 are provided:

  • Sleef_sinf1_u35purec_range125
  • Sleef_cosf1_u35purec_range125

Both are around 30x faster than the equivalent (unlimited range) sleef functions.


To use this crate, add sleef-trig as a dependency to your Cargo.toml file.

For optimal performance, compile sleef-trig with codegen-units = 1 by adding the following to Cargo.toml (once for each performance sensitive profile):

codegen-units = 1

Running tests and benchmarks


cargo test
cargo bench

Running tests and benchmarks requires nightly Rust and relies on sleef-trig-sys for SLEEF bindings.

SIMD FFI is unstable and relies on undefined behaviour.

No runtime deps