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Sita static site generator Rust crate

Sita is a static site generator.

Sita aims to be simple for simple needs, and flexible for complex needs.

Sita aims to be simpler than other static site generators, such as Astro, Eleventy, Jekyll, Hugo, Zola, etc.



Sita aims to be simple for simple needs:

  • Sita uses simple default settings to get you up and running.

  • For example Sita can process one file from Markdown into HTML, without needing any special setup or any custom configuration.

Sita aims to be flexible for complex needs:

  • Sita uses more capabilities to integrate your work in more ways.

  • For example Sita can use front matter variables that can be set via HTML, JSON, TOML, YAML, XML, or other options.

Sita is currently being developed:

  • We welcome help and constructive feedback.

  • You can open a GitHub issue or contact us at sita@sixarm.com.

Getting started


Get the Sita help introduction:

sita --help

--input / -i

Create a file example.md with this text:

hello world

Run Sita with an input file name:

sita --input example.md

The outcome is the file example.html with this text:

<p>hello world</p>

The --input option can handle multiple files, or directories, or globs.

--template / -t

Create a file template.html with this text:

    {{ content }}

Run Sita with a template file name:

sita --input example.md --template template.html

The result is the file example.html with this text:

    <p>hello world</p>

The --template option can handle multiple files, or directories, or globs.



  • Compile from a typical Markdown file into a typical HTML web page.

  • Front matter can be written in HTML, JSON, TOML, YAML, XML.

Features that we may add in the future if people want to fund them:

  • Sections

  • Pagination

  • Taxonomies

  • Feeds

  • Sitemap

  • Robots.txt

  • 404 error page

  • Archive

Template engines

Sita is being developed to use multiple template engines.

The roadmap is:

  • Handlebars - because of speed and use by Rust ecosystem.

  • Liquid - because of popularity with e-commerce developers.

  • Tera - because of advanced capabilities and pure Rust.

Front matter

Front matter can use a variety of formats: HTML comments, Markdown comments, JSON, TOML, YAML.

State variables

State variables can be set by using front matter as HTML, JSON, TOML, YAML, or command line options.


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