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Simple IRC Server

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This is a simple IRC server written in the Rust languange. This server supports basic set of IRC commands and basic user's mode and channel's modes. This server have following features:

  • an asynchronous design in the Tokio framework.
  • a simple configuration in TOML format.
  • a password hashing thanks Argon2 password hash.
  • ability to predefine users, operators and channels.
  • a domain name lookup for client hosts.
  • TLS connections support thanks RusTLS and OpenSSL.

Because it is simple IRC server, unfortunatelly some commands have not been supported like: CONNECT, REHASH, RESTART, AUTHENTICATE. This server should be used to simple installation only with local IRC environment.


A server can be easily build with Cargo package system. Following features can be enabled:

  • dns_lookup - enable DNS lookup, it is uses Trust DNS resolver package.
  • tls_rustls - enable TLS connection support.
  • tls_openssl - enable TLS connection support thanks native OpenSSL library.

A tls_openssl should be used in old machines that doesn't support SSE2 instructions. A rustls uses 'ring' crate that need newer instruction set in X86 processors.

To build server with full support just enter:

cargo build --release --features=dns_lookup,tls_rustls


cargo build --release --features=dns_lookup,tls_openssl

You can build server without DNS lookup and TLS support by using simple command:

cargo build --release

To increase security you can specify environment variable PASSWORD_SALT during building to provide own salt for Argon2 password hashing. It can be just some text.


The sample configuration is in config-example.toml that describes any field configuration. Passwords should be filled by password hashes generated by using command:

simple-irc-server -g


simple-irc-server -g -P password

Text after Password hash: should be put into password field.


You can run server by using command:

simple-irc-server -c your-config-file.toml

An IRC server can prints some logs to terminal output if no log file specified in configuration.


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