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app silly-png

embed shellscripts and files into png files!

6 stable releases

1.2.1 May 15, 2024
1.2.0 May 9, 2024
1.1.0 May 9, 2024
1.0.2 Feb 1, 2024
1.0.1 Jan 29, 2024

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embed shellscripts and files into png files!


see silly.png for an example

show silly.png ![silly.png](silly.png)


do not run any random file with bash without checking if it's malicious first!
you can see the source code embedded in a file silly-png outputs by opening it in a hex editor like ImHex or using a tool like TweakPNG.


# install silly-png
cargo install silly-png

# rickroll
silly-png my_funny_cat_image_real.png scripts/epic_rickroll_script.sh rickroll.mp4
# you can now send my_funny_cat_image_real.silly.png to your friends!
# run the script yourself
bash my_funny_cat_image_real.silly.png

# you can even boot a VM
silly-png amogus.png scripts/qemu.sh AmogOS-v0.2.1.iso
# see qemu.sh for details

example scripts

there are example scripts under the scripts folder go there


i wrote this between 2:30 and 6:00

please do not use this to spread malware i will bite your head off

it is also cc0, see LICENSE for details