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Phala Blockchain

Funded by the web3 foundation


Phala Network is a decentralized offchain computing protocol aiming to build the Web3 Cloud. This repo includes:

  • node/: the main development blockchain built on Substrate
  • standalone/pherry/: the message relayer to connect the blockchain and pRuntime
  • standalone/pruntime/: the contract execution kernel running inside TEE enclave


The blockchain is the central component of the system. It records commands (confidential contract invocation), serves as the pRuntime registry, runs the native token and on-chain governance modules.

pherry is the message relayer. It connects the blockchain and pRuntime. It passes the block data from the chain to pRuntime and passes pRuntime side effects back to the chain. A multi-client version of the runtime bridge is being developed here and now in alpha version.

pRuntime (Phala Network Secure Enclave Runtime) is a runtime to execute confidential smart contracts, based on confidential computing.

Native Build


  • System dependencies

    • Ubuntu (tested with 22.04)
    apt install -y build-essential pkg-config libssl-dev protobuf-compiler
    • macOS
    brew install protobuf
    • See here for more protobuf installation options
  • Rust

    curl https://sh.rustup.rs -sSf | sh
  • Substrate dependencies:

    git submodule update --init
    sh ./scripts/init.sh
  • LLVM 14

    wget https://apt.llvm.org/llvm.sh
    chmod +x llvm.sh
    ./llvm.sh 14

Build the blockchain and bridge

Make sure you have Rust and LLVM-10 installed.

Note for Mac users: you also need llvm and binutils from Homebrew or MacPort, and to add their binaries to your $PATH

Run git submodule update --init to fetch submodules before build if you haven't add option --recursive when clone code.

cargo build --release

The build script enforces LLVM-10 or newer is used. LLVM-10 is needed because of the wasm port of rust crypto library, ring. We have to compile the C code into wasm while keeping the compatibility with the current rustc.


Please refer to the run scripts


  • RPC: RPC documentations
  • Test: How to test the components

External Resources


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