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A query string parser for rust with support for different parsing methods.


# Cargo.toml
serde-querystring = "0.2.0"


You can use the parsers provided in this crate directly, examples are available in each parser's tests.

use serde_querystring::DuplicateQS;

let parsed = DuplicateQS::parse(b"foo=bar&foo=baz");
let values = parsed.values(b"foo"); // Will give you a vector of b"bar" and b"baz"

Or you can use serde(with serde feature, enabled by default)

use serde::Deserialize;
use serde_querystring::{from_str, ParseMode, DuplicateQS};

struct MyStruct{
  foo: Vec<String> // Or (String, u32) tuple

let parsed: MyStruct = from_str("foo=bar&foo=2022", ParseMode::Duplicate).unwrap();
// or
let parsed: MyStruct = DuplicateQS::parse(b"foo=bar&foo=baz").deserialize().unwrap();

There are also crates for actix_web(serde-querystring-actix) and axum(serde-querystring-axum) which provide extractors for their frameworks and can be used without directly relying on the core crate.


Simple Mode

Simply parses key=value pairs, accepting only one value per key. In case a key is repeated, we only collect the last value.

use serde_querystring::{UrlEncodedQS, ParseMode, from_str};

// or
let res: MyStruct = from_str("foo=bar&key=value", ParseMode::UrlEncoded).unwrap();

Repeated key mode

Supports vectors or values by repeating a key.

use serde_querystring::{DuplicateQS, ParseMode, from_str};

// or
let res: MyStruct = from_str("foo=bar&foo=bar2&foo=bar3", ParseMode::Duplicate).unwrap();

Delimiter mode

Supports vectors or values by using a delimiter byte(ex. b'|').

use serde_querystring::{DelimiterQS, ParseMode, from_str};

DelimiterQS::parse(b"foo=bar|bar2|bar3", b'|');
// or
let res: MyStruct = from_str("foo=bar|bar2|bar3", ParseMode::Delimiter(b'|')).unwrap();

Brackets mode

Supports vectors or values by using a brackets and subkeys.

use serde_querystring::{BracketsQS, ParseMode, from_str};

// or
let res: MyStruct = from_str("foo[1]=bar&foo[2]=bar&foo[3]=bar", ParseMode::Brackets).unwrap();


We use some lines of code from form_urlencoded to parse percent encoded chars.


This project is licensed under either of

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