Cargo Features

lexical = { version = "6.1.1", default-features = false, features = ["std", "nightly", "write-integers", "write-floats", "parse-integers", "parse-floats", "power-of-two", "radix", "format", "compact", "f16", "lint", "write", "parse", "integers", "floats", "f128"] }
default = parse-floats, parse-integers, std, write-floats, write-integers

Need to enable all for backwards compatibility.

std default

Use the standard library.

Enables std of lexical-core


Add support for nightly-only features.

Enables nightly of lexical-core

write-integers default = integers, write

Add support for writing integers.

Enables write-integers of lexical-core

write-floats default = floats, write

Add support for writing floats.

Enables write-floats of lexical-core

parse-integers default = integers, parse

Add support for parsing integers.

Enables parse-integers of lexical-core

parse-floats default = floats, parse

Add support for parsing floats.

Enables parse-floats of lexical-core


Add support for parsing power-of-two float strings.

Enables power-of-two of lexical-core


Add support for parsing non-decimal float strings.

Enables radix of lexical-core


Add support for parsing custom numerical formats.

Enables format of lexical-core


Reduce code size at the cost of performance.

Enables compact of lexical-core


Enable support for 16-bit floats.

Enables f16 of lexical-core


Internal only features.
Enable the lint checks.

Enables lint of lexical-core

write write-floats write-integers

Add support for writing numbers.

Affects lexical::to_string, lexical::to_string_with_options

parse parse-floats parse-integers

Add support for parsing numbers.

Affects lexical::parse, lexical::parse_partial, lexical::parse_with_options, lexical::parse_partial_with_options

integers parse-integers write-integers

Add support for conversions to or from integers.

floats parse-floats write-floats

Add support for conversions to or from floats.


Currently unsupported.
Enable support for 128-bit floats.

Enables f128 of lexical-core