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Sentinel: The Sentinel of Your Microservices

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As distributed systems become increasingly popular, the reliability between services is becoming more important than ever before. Sentinel takes "flow" as breakthrough point, and works on multiple fields including flow control, traffic shaping, circuit breaking and system adaptive protection, to guarantee reliability and resilience for microservices.

Sentinel has the following features:

  • Rich applicable scenarios: Sentinel has been wildly used in Alibaba, and has covered almost all the core-scenarios in Double-11 (11.11) Shopping Festivals in the past 10 years, such as “Second Kill” which needs to limit burst flow traffic to meet the system capacity, message peak clipping and valley fills, circuit breaking for unreliable downstream services, cluster flow control, etc.
  • Real-time monitoring: Sentinel also provides real-time monitoring ability. You can see the runtime information of a single machine in real-time, and pump the metrics to outside metric components like Prometheus.
  • Polyglot support: Sentinel has provided native support for Rust, Java, Go and C++.


Rust Edition

See the Wiki for Rust version full documentation, examples, blog posts, operational details and other information.

The Rust API documentation is working in progress.

General Backgrounds on Sentinel

See the Sentinel for the document website.

See the 中文文档 for document in Chinese.


Add the dependency in Cargo.toml:

sentinel-core = { version = "0.1.3", features = ["full"] }

See examples under /examples and test them via

cargo run --example $example_name


Contributions are always welcomed! Please refer to CONTRIBUTING for detailed guidelines.


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