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bin+lib send-to-kindle

A command-line utility and library for sending files to your kindle app or device by (ab)using the www.amazon.com/sendtokindle web interface

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Send to Kindle

send-to-kindle is a command-line utility and rust library for sending files to your kindle app or devices by (ab)using the www.amazon.com/sendtokindle web interface.

For this reason, it should be used with caution. Getting suspended by Amazon's spam prevention systems is always a possibility. USE send-to-kindle AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Command-line tool basic usage

cargo run -- --username <username> --password <password> --directory <path_to_books>
--extension epub

The --directory flag can be swapped with the --file flag to just send a single file. If an extension is provided, it will ensure that the selected file has the requested extension.

For more info on the command-line utility and flags for corner cases, use the --help flag.

Library usage

Just two functions are provided: One for a list of strings representing the files to be uploaded (send_files_to_kindle), and one for a path to a file or directory that can be filtered using a string for the files' extension (send_to_kindle). (epub, azw3, mobi etc).

For more info, click on each function's definition and read the extensive documentation there.


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