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app seecrets

A password-protected way of creating and storing secrets

3 stable releases

3.0.1 Jul 23, 2023
2.0.1 Jul 15, 2023
1.1.1 Jul 14, 2023
1.0.1 Jul 14, 2023
1.0.0 Jul 13, 2023

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seecrets 🤫 - A secure way of keeping secrets

What is this?

seecrets is a cli app which aids in the secure management of potentially embarassing secrets.

How do I use this?

run seecrets {x} where x is either

Name Action
new create a new secret
list list all seecrets
remove remove from your list of seecrets


  • Implement basic app
    • Implement seecrets new
    • Implement seecrets list
    • Implement seecrets remove
    • Hardcode Password to 'hello'
  • Make app more secure
    • Stop hardcoding passwords, store user-supplied passwords in seperate file
    • Make passwords more secure with encryption
    • Use sqLite to strore passwords
  • Make app more accessible
    • Create README
    • Upload to Github
    • Upload to crates.io
  • Make app work on multi-user systems

Statements on version 1.x

I uploaded version 1.x without any proper testing. Because of this, the app did not work at all. I have yanked all versions under 1.x as none of them currently work. Over the past week, more than 30 people have downloaded seecrets. To all of those people, I would like to apologize.

Everyone who, can should upgrade to version 2.0.0


~250K SLoC