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A statically typed ECS (entity-component-system) with focus on ergonomics

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0.0.1 Nov 14, 2020

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S. E. C. S.

Static Entity Component System

Secs is a proof-of-concept for a statically typed ECS. Entities are defined as normal structs. Components don't have to be newtypes, they're just fields. Each entity's fields are known at comile time, that means you get static type checking like in non-ECS code and there's less boilerplace like unwraps and fewer bugs.

Secs aims to combine the best of generational arenas (or similar allocators) and traditional ECS.

This package is a placeholder for the ECS I am writing as part as making a game. If you have questions, you can reach me on discord. If you think you wrote an ECS that's more ergonomic than mine and have a better use for the name, let me know.

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