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StarCraft II tech tree

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StarCraft II tech tree and dependencies

All SC2 structures, units, abilities, researches and dependencies between these, in machine readable JSON format and with nice graphs. Also a Rust libarary for querying the data.

Schema Plan

This repository contains Python scripts for data generation, and a Rust library for data validation, queries and overall usage.

"I want to look at the cool graphs!"

See visuals page, or the image files.

"I want to use this with my bot!"

If using Rust, this repostory contains a nice library to query the data.

If not, you can still grab the raw json data, which contains all raw information. Unfortunately, you need to query the data manually. Unless you find or create a library that does it for you.


You need cargo, python3.7 or newer + pipenv, jq and graphviz (dot command).

The Python code to generate new data is under generate, and the Rust library is naturally under src.

See Makefile for usage, particularly make run and make update.

See schema plan file for the idealistic schema.

Missing data? Invalid data? Other issues?

Please open a new issue in GitHub.

Pull requests to fix things or for extensions are welcome as well, although I suggest asking me first by opening an issue or otherwise. The data model changes are usually quite hard to get right, and the data collection script itself is quite complicated and full of edge cases.


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