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StarCraft II bot API management layer

1 unstable release

0.1.0 Mar 1, 2019

MIT license

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SC2-Proxy, StarCraft II bot API management layer


First, you need to have StarCraft II installed, or in the Linux case, the binaries must be downloaded. Map files are required as well.

Then a configuration file is required the proxy a bit, so create a file called sc2_proxy.toml with the following contents:

map_name = "Automaton LE"

If you just want to test, use cargo run to launch. Then connect two bots to address, both using only the join_game command. Setting env variable RUST_LOG to sc2_proxy=info would be smart as well, as otherwise even the game result is not logged.

For any real-world usage you most likely want to cargo build --release. and then use ./target/release/sc2-proxy (or target/release/sc2-proxy.exe on Windows). This is much faster, especially with settings that require doing lot's of packet inspection. It's also a static binary, so it can be easily deployed to matchmaking servers if you are running a bot ladder. See sc2_proxy.production.toml for example production config of a sc2 bot ladder.


  • Starts one or more SC2 processes
    • Manages port configurations
    • Abstracts away game hosting
  • Minimal overhead
    • Should be suitable for rendered interface as well
  • Resource management and limits, enforcing game rules
    • Disabling debug / cheat commands
  • Remote control endpooint
    • JSON over TCP
    • Dynamic configuration
    • Off-band requests and data

Future Goals

  • Automatically saving replays
  • SC2 process pooling
    • Reuse processes
    • Prelanuch on startup?
  • Resource management and limits, enforcing game rules
    • Time used by each participant
    • Number of API calls
    • APM limit
    • Pathing grid vision fix
    • Limiting allowed units
    • Hiding player names
  • Metrics, e.g. timing, overhead and request counts
  • Automated test suite
    • Linux binary
    • Retail client
  • Command line interface
    • Machine readable output mode
  • Remote control endpooint
    • Implement larger set of commands
    • Live statistics
    • CLI tool


  • Full API abstraction layer
  • Automatic action bundling
  • Action result state tracking


~303K SLoC