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The rbxcloud CLI lets developers easily communicate with the Roblox Open Cloud APIs. The underlying library can also be used to build tools and applications that utilize the various APIs.

Possible use-cases:

  • Deployment pipelines
  • Live-ops
  • Custom analytics
  • Handling data removal requests (see GDPR & CCPA info)
  • Debugging DataStores

Install CLI


Run the aftman add command within your project directory. This will add rbxcloud to the project's aftman.toml file (or create one if it doesn't yet exist).

$ aftman add Sleitnick/rbxcloud@0.3.0

From Release

Download and unzip the tool for your OS from the releases page. You will then need to put it in your desired location and point your path variable to the executable location.

CLI Documentation

Visit the documentation site for information on installation and usage: https://sleitnick.github.io/rbxcloud/

Install Rust Library

The library built for the CLI tool is available to use directly in Rust projects. This is essentially an SDK for the Roblox Open Cloud APIs.

Add Dependency

To use rbxcloud in a Rust project, simply add rbxcloud to the Cargo.toml dependency list.

rbxcloud = "0.3.0"

Alternatively, use cargo add.

$ cargo add rbxcloud

See the docs.rs page for library documentation.


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